Derek Boocock

Ultra-Endurance Cyclist

“Nothing that’s worth anything is ever easy.”

– Mike Hall

Rides, Races & Events

ultra cycling races

These are without doubt the main focus of all my cycling, with races such as the Transcontinental (TCR) and TransAtlanticWay (TAW) being top of my to-do lists. However as unsupported Ultra Races are becoming more prevalent, there will be no shortage of 'must do' events appearing on the calendar.


There is no shortage of brevets here in the Netherlands  and with this year being Paris-Brest-Paris I planned to complete a Super Randonneur Series of 200, 300, 400 and 600 km rides to qualify. To give me a better chance of an entry I would have also completed a 1200 km brevet. Injury now means I will not be taking part.


I've competed in many sportives over the years, my favourites being the Etape du Tour (several) and the Marmotte. However my most memorable performance came when completing the full route of Paris-Roubaix. My most recent was the Styrkeprøven in Norway - 543 km from Trondheim to Oslo in 21 hours.

round The World tour

At the end of October 2012 I set off from the UK on my round the world tour. A little over two years later after covering over 40,000 km’s through 4 continents and 37 countries, I settled here in the Netherlands. It had been a journey not just of discovery, but of healing and change. My life would never be the same again.

Upcoming races & tours

Due to breaking my hip during the Randonneurs NL 600 km Audax last September, 2019 will be something of a recovery year. I intend to once again become active with my sports photography and will be covering the Race Around The Netherlands, and I hope a few other events. I will also be a volunteer on the Transcontinental Race.

We are also planning to have a family cycling tour this year and my reward will be support for 2020, where my main aim is to be fully fit and ready to race TCRNo8 and finally complete that journey.