Ultra Cycling Races

Riding the Styrkeprøven in 2015

Although I’ve cycled around the world with everything I owned in my panniers, I never considered this ‘bikepacking’ or even ultra cycling. I think my first true ultra cycling race would have to be TCRNo5, the Transcontinental in 2017. Yes I’ve done other events, such as the 540 km Styrkeprøven in Norway – which I completed in 21 hours, but I don’t really consider them true ultra cycling races until you are doing multiple days in the saddle. The Transcontinental Race has become something of an issue with me after failing to finish in both 2017 and 2018. Not being one to make excuses, I think I can state accurately that I had terrible bad luck in both and so the need to get on and finish a TCR is going to take precedent over everything else.

This year (2019) I’m a volunteer on TCRNo7 due to breaking my hip last September, but with luck I’ll get an entry for TCRNo8 and I do aim to do a ‘warm up’ event in 2020 as part of my preparation. There are new events appearing on the calendar regularly, many of which I’d simply love to do but in reality I’m fairly sure I’ll have to settle for ‘dot watching’ instead. The ones that really inspire me are the following:

  • TransAtlantic Way
  • TransPyrenees Race
  • Pan Celtic Race
  • Silk Road Mountain Race

Obviously there are many more, but were I to continue to race after I finish TCRNo8 in 2020, then these would be top of my list. This does not include preparation races like The Race Around The Netherlands (TRATN) or The Round Denmark Bike Race, because being on my doorstep these are much more ‘doable’. I say “were I to continue” because there is a good likelihood that I’ll hang up my wheels after TCRNo8 and concentrate of my photography, which will I hope include some of the above events.